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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two courses for eLearning Designers

What separates a good eLearning designer from a great eLearning designer? 

A good designer has the skills to design learning that gets the desired message across, a great designer has the skills to design learning that engages, excites, and exceeds learner expectations. These two online courses are built to help teach you the skills of a great eLearning designer so you can take your learning designs above and beyond. 

Sketching and Prototyping Design for Instructional Designers

Sketching and Prototype Design
This two-session mini-course is designed for instructional designers who want to explore sketching and prototyping for eLearning.
Explore the purpose and importance of both sketching and prototyping
Receive tips on creating prototypes
Create your own prototype in the tool of your choice
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Introduction to the xAPI for eLearning Designers

Introduction to xAPI
This course will help you learn what xAPI is, how it works, and its implications for learning design and analytics.
Explore the xAPI and its place within learning design and analytics
Design and get feedback on an xAPI-enabled blended learning program
Explore how you can embed xAPI tracking and analytics within your organization’s learning and operational systems
At the conclusion of the course, students are invited to join a free pilot ADL design cohort.
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Source: The eLearning Guild