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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Albert clock uses math to tell time

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If you want to know what time it is, you’ll have to do a little work with this clock. Meet Albert, a wall clock for children that breaks down the current time into math problems. 

The Albert clock is a large clock meant for a wall
Photo: Gizmag

Named after Albert Einstein, the clock makes you solve equations in order to tell the time. 

The Albert Clock - MNTNT - Kickstarter 

Time is broken down with the hour on the top line of the clock and minutes on the bottom. Each line has a relatively simple math problem on it, which you need to solve to know the corresponding digit. For instance, rather than displaying "9" for 9pm, the clock would display "12-3 / 1."

"Had Albert Einstein owned such a clock, he probably would also have become a brilliant mathematician," says Alex Schindlbeck, the product designer. He created the clock while in art school in Germany. Einstein was his inspiration for clock, because he felt the inventor had a "child-like glee" when performing research.

Source: Gizmag and lucymarko Channel (YouTube)

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