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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Interush and the E-Learning Revolution

We live in a world highly interconnected through multiple communication channels; while we were previously limited to the technology of the land line telephone, we can now reach others through mobile phones, watches, laptops, tablets and desktop computers. 


This heightened level of connectivity has impacted several aspects of our daily lives, from international business interaction, leisurely activities such as shopping and recreation, to intellectual endeavors such as continuing education, making e-learning now possible.

E-learning utilizes online technology as the main conduit of information. Learning materials are transmitted through email and online messaging, classes are held virtually through streaming videos and students participate through group chats. Written assignments may also be posted on interactive online platforms such as blogs and message boards. As individuals thrive in a tech-savvy world, we are challenged to progressively learn how to fully utilize the internet to increase our knowledge, and take advantage of educational opportunities.

For instance, online courses on various subjects are available from universities such as University of California, Irvine (UCI). E-learning can also take the form of skill-enhancing games, such as those featured on that showcase scientific inventions. YouTube offers educational video channels on a variety of subjects, such as the human anatomy, mathematics, history and language. 

The BBC offers a series of online videos that help educate culinary enthusiasts on both basic and advanced cooking techniques.

IRIS Academy™, offered by Interush as part of the IRIS Applications Suite, is a great example of an e-learning platform that provides a convenient way for English language learners to develop their spoken and written English through an easy-to-follow format. The intuitive program guides users to learning everyday English phrases, grouped in easily recognizable categories, and provides both audio and video guides to ensure learning speed and retention. IRIS Academy utilizes available internet technology to create a robust online academic platform.

"As a company that believes in lifelong learning and continuous education, we urge individuals to maximize all the academic opportunities available on the Internet," said Martin Matthews of Interush. Matthews recently wrote a related article on his official blog, Insider Insights, elaborating on how IRIS Academy is an excellent e-learning application, with the purpose of refining one's English and opening limitless opportunities in the competitive business world.

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