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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Top 12 computer programming languages that are in demand now and pay the highest salary

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Maya Kamath, Content writer summarizes, "Top 12 computer programming skills which will help programmers and coders to earn higher salary packages."
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Technology keeps changing and the Computer language which was once in demand might suddenly disappear with the advent of a new language and programs. Hence if anyone aspires to become a computer programmer or coder or software engineer it is always advisable that the programmer should learn to build a software by mastering the algorithms, designing principles and technologies at all levels of the stack. In the long run they can adapt themselves to any new language and hence become a good software programmer or coder even if the languages and programs change.

This article gives details of some of the most highly paid computer languages which are currently in demand as per a report from Quartz. Lets have a quick look at these 12 computer programs / languages along with the Pay offered as per the Survey done by Quartz:
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Source: Techworm

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