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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Driving Student Success in the Online Classroom | | eCampus Resources

Check this out - How Next-Gen College Students Raise Their Digital Hands

It’s the new norm for today’s learners. I'm talking about online classrooms. But what exactly does that entail? Download this free guide to learn more about the ways online learning has opened new possibilities to connect with students, and can positively influence student outcomes.   

Inside you will learn about: 
  • The state of online learning 
  • The latest online classroom capabilities 
  • How to create an online classroom that allows all students to succeed 
  • Extending the online classroom beyond class hours

Get the guide

Experience the possibilities of driving student success in the online classroom.
  • Engage more students in less time with the right online instruction tools
  • Find out what contributes to student success in online learning
  • Use video conferencing to effortlessly engage every student
Get the guide

Source: eCampus Resources