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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Free eBook - Adopting Blended Learning in Your Organization | CommLab India

The eBook titled Blending Classroom Training with E-learning”, that guides you on what it takes to create a well-thought out blended learning strategy for your organization, with the focus on making employees proficient in what they need to do, quickly and smartly. 

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Blended learning has many advantages. It maximizes the use of different media for effective learning and saves lots of time in scheduling training programs. Reaches more employees located in remote areas as well. Makes employees take ownership of their learning and encourages it to be a continual process.

However, blending one training delivery method with another has to be done so that efforts complement each other instead of duplicating. How can this be done? Can there be a scientific strategy that can be evolved to create a perfect blended learning solution?

CommLab India writes in the preface, "Currently, we may be primarily using classroom training to train employees. This method may  not  be  adequate,  given  the  dynamic  changes  in  the  business  environment  and  changing business needs.
Instead, we need to explore solutions that will expedite the time taken for employees to get proficient in their jobs. Digital learning solutions are a viable option." 


  • On what basis does one decide what goes into classrooms and what goes digital?  
  • What are the different digital training delivery options for a given training need?  
  • How  can  organizations  decide  which  is  the  best  delivery  option  for  a  particular training need?
This  eBook  will  act  as  a  handy  toolkit  for  L&D  managers  to  create  a  blended  learning strategy.  The objective being to help employees excel in their performance, in the most efficient  manner  and  in  the  shortest  possible  time;  which,  in  turn,  helps  organizations achieve their business goals. 
Download the eBook now!

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Source: CommLab India