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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Six academic departments combine to form three | The Wood Word - The news site of Marywood University

Photo: Brooke Williams
"Six academic departments underwent changes this summer as a result of the Strategic Resource Allocation (SRA) process." inform Brooke Williams, sophomore Broadcast Journalism major and Assistant News Editor for The Wood Word.

Photo: The Wood Word

The following departments combined on July 1: philosophy and religious studies; English and foreign language; mathematics/computer science and science.

Provost Dr. Susan Turell appointed one chair for each of these three departments. Some chairpersons stepped down while others will continue as chairs and oversee a newly combined department.

Dr. Philip Jenkins stepped down from his position as chair of the philosophy department. Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer, current chair of religious studies, will continue as chair of the department of philosophy and religious studies.

Dr. Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi stepped down from her role as chair of the foreign language department. 

Dr. Erin Sadlack, current chair of the English department, will continue as chair of the department of English and foreign languages.

Dr. Thomas Kent, current chair of mathematics and computer science, will not return to Marywood in the fall semester. Dr. Michael Kiel, current chair of the science department, will continue as chair of science, mathematics and computer science.

Other faculty and staff in each department have not been affected by the mergers. Some plan to retire or leave voluntarily for other reasons.

Source: The Wood Word