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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Your Online Students Aren’t Paying Attention! | eCampus Resources

  • Learn how to make your students actually pay attention in their online STEM courses 
  • Explore how you can use the Möbius Active Slideshow to offer an online learning experience that emulates, and even improves upon, a good classroom environment

Check this out from Maplesoft.

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Online courses are a part of the changing education landscape, but many students find it hard to focus. Discover technology and tools that engage students, meet their needs with a tailored experience and motivate them to pay attention to their online courses.

"Online courses have become a key part of the instructional offerings of most learning institutions, from prestigious universities to local high schools. They allow students greater scheduling flexibility, reach a broader geographic pool, and reduce costs. Schools today have to offer online courses and supplementary resources to stay competitive.  But the fact remains – these courses can be really dull " writes Maplesoft in the whitepaper.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how Möbius, and especially the Möbius Active Slideshow, provides the same experience students would get with a good instructor, with the additional benefit that each student receives a tailored experience based on their individual needs. With high levels of engagement, relevant interactivity, and integrated instant assessment, your students will be forced to sit up and pay attention to their online courses (and learn something in the process!).
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Source: eCampus Resources and Maplesoft