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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Overview - Research Network | Dublin City University

The Digital Learning Research Network fosters a network of leaders and strong communities of practice at the forefront of research on new models of teaching and learning. 

Figure 1: Research and Innovation Framework

Additionally it aims to engage strategically with professional bodies and key external stakeholders in order to influence policy and benchmark the effective use of digital, blended and online learning against international best practices. 

The activities of the Research Network are anchored around the four main platforms of a wider Research and Innovation Framework (see Figure 1), where strong emphasis is placed on fostering Innovation and contributing to Societal impact. More specially, we try to frame our research activities and interests around the following broad research strands:
  • Life-long Learning
  • Opening Up Education
  • Student Transitions and Success
  • Curriculum Innovation and Teaching Enhancement
  • Learning Futures
The work of the Research Network also interfaces with other research centres and defined areas of interest and expertise in DCU's Institute of Education. A distributed leadership model is adopted by the Research Network to harness the skills and expertise of members. The Research Network currently includes over 50 staff with a research interest in Digital Learning and who individually and collectively have a track record of producing a wide range of scholarly outputs in the area. In this respect the Digital Learning Research Network brings together a unique mix of leading scholars and professional educators across Dublin City University (DCU), with considerable expertise in a range of levels, disciplines, methodologies and technologies. A small Steering Group guides the Network’s activities and a dedicated email listserv is used to facilitate regular communiction amongst members. We maintain links to a number of research and development centres within Dublin City University (DCU) and our International Advisory Board also helps to keep us focussed on achieving our overarching mission and strategic objectives.