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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Study Philosophy With Me In Fall 2017! | Patheos (blog) Camels With Hammers

"Year round, I enroll new students in my live, interactive, private, personalized online philosophy classes but I typically launch the most new classes in September when the most people feel like getting started. This year is no exception" says Daniel Fincke, APPA  (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) certified philosophical counselor.

Photo: Patheos (blog) Camels With Hammers

Below is the full roster of classes I have tentatively scheduled to run starting in September 2017 and information on a limited time deal.

*Try out my classes for free with a no-commitment trial! Write me at or friend me and write to me on Facebook in order to schedule one or to get to know me and keep in touch with an eye towards taking one in the future.

*Classes are $42/session, with a choice of recording or refunds for missed sessions.

*A Special Back-to-School Rate is available until September 9, 2017. The School Year Subscription costs $1,276 and covers weekly classes from September 2017 through May, 2018. At just $33.58/session for 38 sessions you save 20% savings compared to the $42 Weekly Subscription rate. To get a similar discount (22%/session) for a full year’s worth of classes purchases the Year Long Subscription for $1,699. See details on each payment plan below.

*Immediately below is a tentative list of the classes you can take with me from September 2017 onward, subject to changes to accommodate the most number of students. Click on course titles for course descriptions. Some of the classes are ongoing ones that have been running for a while already. You can join them midstream without worrying about what you missed. Others are brand new and labeled “NEW” below. Write me with your schedule and your interests if none of these class times or topics fits your interests.

I earned my PhD in Philosophy from Fordham University. I wrote my dissertation on Ethics and Nietzsche’s philosophy. Over 11 years I taught 2,500 university students spread across 93 classes from 7 universities.

Since January 2013 I have been leading self-motivated independent learners from around the world in small group and 1-on-1 classes. My small group online classes offer you live, dynamic, interactive class discussions with other students and me, held over videoconference (using Google Hangout, which downloads in just seconds). Classes are flexible enough to meet the needs of both beginners and students with existing philosophical background. Usually we read a primary or secondary philosophical text together live in class, using Google Hangout’s easy and convenient screen-share feature, and discuss it as we go. In more introductory style courses I will also overview some concepts in a traditional lecture style before opening the floor for discussion. In either case, classes wind up tailored to your specific interests, ideas, and questions related to the material as vigorous, rigorous, and potentially wide-ranging class discussions almost inevitably emerge in response to the ideas we are covering and these freewheeling discussions determine the direction of the class from there. My classes are university quality but I offer no university credit whatsoever.

I typically propose whole new classes in January, June, and September. But I also wind up starting new classes in other months when students come available then instead. I schedule all classes by learning the regular time availabilities and topic interests of potential participants and putting as many people together with classmates as possible. I run as many sections of a class as necessary to accommodate everyone. 

Source: Camels With Hammers