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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Attraction + closeness = Love: Karnal professor becomes love guru to college girls in maths class | India Today

The girls could be heard laughing in the video when the professor was telling them the difference between friendship, attraction, crush and love, as India Today reports.  

A screengrab from the video shows assistant professor Charan Singh giving girls love lessons.
Teaching mathematics or getting the lessons may not be boring or difficult anymore if the subject is taught like assistant professor Charan Singh of a government college for women in Haryana's Karnal, who kicked off a controversy by giving love lessons in a maths class.

A video shot by first year B.Com students surfaced online in which Charan Singh was giving love lessons to the girls...

The professor then asked the students what will be the combination of 'closeness' and 'attraction', to which the girls answered 'love'.

The professor also gave the formula of 'romantic love' by adding friendship, closeness and attraction. He also said if a relationship lacks any of the factors amongst those three, the relationship is bound to fail.

Source: India Today