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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The College Majors With The Highest Salaries - And The Best Prospects | Education - Forbes

Nick Morrison, freelance journalist specializing in education observes, Students choose their college majors based on a many factors - but with student debt at an all-time high, there is a growing emphasis on not just future salaries but also the long-term prospects in their chosen field.

Not surprisingly, STEM students can expect to earn high salaries when they graduate
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Now new analysis can help them make a more informed choice, highlighting potential earnings across different areas of study...

Not surprisingly, STEM graduates come out as the best rewarded, with an average mid-career salary of $103,408. Engineering graduates are particularly well remunerated, with a mid-career average of $114,670.

The five highest paying STEM majors, by mid-career average, were:  
1.  Petroleum engineering ($183,600) 
2.  Actuarial engineering ($158,100)    
3.  Building science ($135,000)
4.  System engineering ($131,200)
5.  Chemical engineering ($126,900)

Mid-career average salaries (Source: OneClass).

Other STEM majors included computer science ($113,900), statistics ($111,300), software engineering ($109,600) and biotechnology ($94,700)...

Among other humanities majors were philosophy ($86,000), English literature ($78,300), history ($77,200) and music ($65,500).  

Source: Forbes