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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Online Learning: Should I? Shouldn’t I? | Education - Indonesia Expat

The most obvious benefit of online learning is the convenience: you can work at your own pace, from wherever you want, reports Kate Paradis, Author at Indonesia Expat.

Photo: Indonesia Expat
As an expatriate in Indonesia, you may be inclined to obtain a post-graduate degree from your home country or from a specific university that is widely accredited and well-recognised. You may be looking to take courses whilst you work full time, or accelerate your graduation date while you are unable to work, or job-hunting.  Online learning makes all of these possible. Many people can’t afford the career break needed to increase their education.  Choosing to study online is a great way to get that certificate or add a line on the resume, whilst expanding your mind and your understanding, enhancing a different set of skills from your norm. You can do this whilst catering to all the other things going on in your life, such as work, family, travel, etc.

E-Learning has Improved
Online learning is a new form of education when compared to classroom learning, but it has evolved significantly from what it started as.  First, the technology has gotten better. There are a variety of e-learning platforms that make navigating the online classroom intuitive to use. Online video meeting rooms, user-friendly blogs, access to online libraries, and easy drag and drop functions to submit assignments make the “technical” stuff a non-issue. Also, universities have adapted their approach to give you a better learning experience. More research has been done to confirm the benefits of online learning, specifically what works and what doesn’t...

Access to World-Class Educators
This benefit will likely only become more relevant in the future as more educators sign up for teaching online. Sitting on a university campus as a tenured professor may not be of interest to many of the educators who travel the world working on their research and development. Being mobile is becoming more important for people across the globe. Oftentimes the students and teachers alike are global citizens, moving around at various points in their life...

Online learning. You should.

Source: Indonesia Expat