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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The ‘godfathers of AI’ just won this year’s Turing Award | Tech - BGR

Andy Meek, reporter in Memphis inform, Facebook’s director of artificial intelligence research is one of three AI leaders who’ve won this year’s Turing Award, sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize of computing.

Photo: Cultura/REX/Shutterstock
This year’s winners include Yann LeCun, a New York University professor who also works on AI at Facebook; Geoffrey Hinton, a University of Toronto computer science professor; and Yoshua Bengio, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Montreal. The award, announced by the Association of Computing Machinery, carries a $1 million prize, with financial support from Google, and it’s named for famed British mathematician Alan Turing...

This year’s three winners have worked both independently, as well as together. Per the ACM, Hinton, LeCun and Bengio developed “conceptual foundations for the field, identified surprising phenomena through experiments, and contributed engineering advances that demonstrated the practical advantages of deep neural networks.” LeCun performed postdoctoral work under Hinton’s supervision, and LeCun and Bengio also worked together at Bell Labs in the early 1990s.

The ACM will present the award to this year’s recipients at a banquet on June 15 in San Francisco.

Source: BGR