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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Master This Simple Trick and You Will Never Look at Math the Same Way Again | The Epoch Times

An incredibly simple yet life-changing math trick has gone viral, and it’s causing quite a stir, insist Louise Bevan, Epoch Times Journalist.

Smashing the invisible barriers between intellectual snobbery and the rest of us, a few professional mathematicians have even come forward to admit they never knew about this hack. The outraged masses are berating the teachers of the past and wondering why they didn’t learn this in school.

So, what’s the trick? Whether you welcome trigonometry or feel faint at the sight of quadratic equations, there’s now one area of math that everyone can master: calculating percentages.

Calculators help, of course, but it turns out that there’s a forehead-smackingly simple way to calculate percentages in your head, and most people aren’t aware of it. Until now. Ben Stephens, a self-proclaimed “Math Whizz” hailing from Brighton in the United Kingdom, shared the trick on his Twitter page. He may as well have set off fireworks, given the overwhelming response that the post has fetched.

Here’s Stephens’s original tweet, below.

Source: The Epoch Times and MindYourDecisions Channel (YouTube)