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Friday, March 22, 2019

City College professor tackles math anxiety | Arts and Entertainment - City Times

Dr. Rob Rubalcaba has a unique way of connecting City College students and math, as City Times reports. 

Dr. Rob Rubalcaba is loved by most at City College. 
Photo: Jonny Rico/City Times

Good teachers care about their students and students appreciate a good teacher, but San Diego City College’s professor of mathematics, “Dr. Rob” Rubalcaba, has a special way of connecting with students.

Rubalcaba uses his alter ego, DJ Professor Shadow, to reduce the stress around studying for midterms and finals through Math Jams. 

It’s not just the hip hop that reaches students. Rubalcaba receives help from dozens of tutors and Umoja club volunteers creating a sense of community...

Fun is why Rubalcaba started doing Math Jams. The music and food helps bring people to the tutoring.

“It’s motivation,” said Rubalcaba. “And it gets rid of math of anxiety.

Source: City Times