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Monday, March 11, 2019

Everywoman forum 2019: Closing the divide between science and art |

At this 2019 everywoman in tech forum, experts discussed the connection between the artistic and the technical, as well as the importance of role models in encouraging others into the sector, as reports. 


A focus on art and creativity will be vitally important in the creation and distribution of technology as we move towards an automated future, according to experts.

At the everywoman in tech forum 2019, a number of people from both in and outside of the technology industry talked about the human qualities which will continue to be important in the development of technology, especially as we create more artificially intelligent (AI) systems, which will be interacting with people every day.

The day was focused mainly on how ethics and emotional intelligence play into the development and distribution of technology, with an emphasis on how important human traits will be in an AI-driven future.

Momtaza Mehri, young people’s laureate for London, highlighted that in the UK’s education system, humanities subjects and sciences are “disparate” when they need to be used together to reflect “how we harness our creativity in everyday life”...

Many have argued, however, that the computing curriculum introduced in 2014 to teach subjects such as computational thinking is too focused on code and not enough on the other aspects of a career in tech, such as creativity.
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Source: -TechTarget