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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

AI vendors attack data scientist shortage with trainings | Problem solve - TechTarget

Mark Labbe, news writer for SearchEnterpriseAI and SearchBusinessAnalytics says, Internal data science training programs have helped vendors when colleges and universities have failed. Training is helping to fix the data scientist shortage.

The data scientist shortage, caused partially because AI and analytics technologies are constantly changing, and partially because colleges and universities can't keep up with the demand for data science education, is well-documented, and has been a problem for years.

To attack that shortage, data science vendors are developing internal and external training programs that provide education to their own employees and to their clients' employees.

Internal training programs 
Fusemachines, Inc., a New York-based startup founded in 2013, provides AI experts, such as developers, engineers and programmers, to companies looking to build or refine their own AI systems.

Clients request all sorts of work, but right now, recommendation engines for retailers are in particularly high demand, said Steve Rennie, director of research at Fusemachines...

One customer, a United Kingdom-based statistics company, has been working with Cloudera on a project to onboard more statisticians, Brandwein said... 

The New York-based company works with new graduates as well as more seasoned employees. Most clients are almost ready for the modern workforce, but are not quite there yet. New graduates might have a Ph.D. in mathematics, but no experience in machine learning. Older employees, meanwhile, might have much experience with machine learning, but not with using some of the newer machine learning tools.

Source: TechTarget