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Sunday, April 28, 2019

District implements Digital Awareness Month to promote smart tech use | Technology - Education Dive

With device use on the rise in students' school and personal lives, Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, sets aside a month to cover topics including online safety, digital citizenship and wellness, observes Shawna De La Rosa, Journalist.

Photo: Pexels
Dive Brief:
  • Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, recently introduced Digital Wellness Month as a way of promoting healthy use of digital devices and discouraging negative behaviors, District Administration reports. The idea was implemented by district Chief Technology Officer Rich Boettner, who was alarmed by the fact that, while dining out, he noticed that customers were too busy looking at their phones to engage with one with another.
  • Boettner sought input from technology teachers, coaches and administrators before launching the initiative, which now includes topics on internet safety, etiquette, citizenship and wellness.
    During the month, students learn device-related information, such as how to protect their vision through screen color modification and time limits, best-practice social behaviors, and how to reverse screen-time induced posture problems.
Dive Insight:
As digital natives, it is as important for K-12 students to learn how to be good online citizens as it is to teach kindergartners proper recess etiquette. Like it or not, current students will be using some type of digital devices the rest of their lives. As with any tool, they need to learn how to use them properly.
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Source: Education Dive