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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Plini, BTBAM, Tesseract Discuss: Should You Take Guitar Lessons & Learn Music Theory? | Ultimate-Guitar.Com

During a conversation with Total Guitar, Between the Buried and Me guitarists Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring, Plini, Jake Howsam, and Tesseract guitarists Acle Kahney and James Monteith talked about guitar lessons and the importance of mastering music theory.

Photo: © Olly Curtis / Future
You can check out a part of the interview below. 

You're all a mix of being self-taught and having had formal lessons when you were starting out, are there advantages to being self-taught when it comes to finding your own way?

Plini: "I think it might have been bad if I'd had a bad teacher who had told me I'd never be anything and that C is the only scale. But I think if you have a good teacher it's probably inspiring."

Acle Kahney, Tesseract: "Yes, inspiring more than stifling."

Paul Waggoner, BTBAM: "I think it depends on what trajectory you're looking for as a musician. If you want to be a classical guitar player, obviously, you're going to want to learn how to sight-read.

"But in the world that we're in, it's probably good to have a healthy balance. For me, learning music theory was more of a communication tool, a way to communicate to other band members. But I could see how it could maybe stifle creativity a little bit; if you adhere to that kind of thing too much it becomes very regimented and can maybe build a wall around your creativity."
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Source: Ultimate-Guitar.Com