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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Future for the VLE?

Some thoughts on personal learning environments: the future for the VLE?

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About Neil Currant

Neil is currently project officer for the Enhancing Learner Progression (ELP) Project at the University of Bradford and Leeds Metropolitan University. The project is part of JISC’s Distributed e-Learning programme. His and the projects area of interest is in electronic portfolios particularly as a means to support entry into Higher Education. He is also interested in what e-portfolios can offer in addition to traditional portfolio learning.
He also teaches on a MEd in Training & Development at the University of Bradford and is a qualified school teacher who during his career to date has been involved in the teaching and learning of students from age eight through to undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He works with distance learning students using blended learning methods and has a strong interest in how people learn.

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