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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learning Outcomes of Blended Learning by Brandon Hall Research

Blended learning is viewed as having better outcomes than both traditional face-to-face instruction and e-learning alone.
According to a survey Brandon Hall Research conducted in March of this year of more than 150 learning professionals, the overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that they believed that a blended learning strategy produced better learning outcomes than either face-to-face training alone or e-learning alone.

Blended Learning — Learning Outcomes vs. Face-to-Face

Blended Learning - Learning Outcomes vs. E-Learning


As mentioned earlier in another post, The Real Story: Blended Learning, provides the definitive analysis you need to create and optimize an effective blended learning strategy. This report examines:

  • The instructional design implications of blended learning
  • The benefits that new Web 2.0 technologies can provide to blended learning
  • What learners prefer in terms of training modalities
  • The role of learning management systems in blended learning implementations
  • And much more

This report is also available through a subscription to the Brandon Hall Research Library

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The Real Story: Blended Learning.

Source: Brandon Hall Research

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