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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Rise of e-Learning in Nigeria

Efem Nkanga in this report looks at the rising adoption of the e-Learning platform as a tool for effective knowledge dissemination in Nigeria

E-Learning is gradually becoming the fastest growing form of international and domestic education in recent times. The e-Learning technology is a phenomenon that has taken the entire globe by storm in the field of education. The rise of this new model has been enabled by the increasing deployment of the world wide web and information communication technologies (ICTs) across the globe. This rise has enabled a process where instructors and students use the computer to generate, advance and share knowledge because e-Learning is a computer supported collaborative learning process with the technology of the computer deployed as the main platform.
On the global terrain, e-learning has enabled scores of people to get their degrees online while working from the comfort of their homes, offices etc. E-learning, which refers to any education received electronically through the Internet or from a software programme, began at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a few brave faculty members who decided to try something new. The faculty members were said to have started the process by making their course syllabi, lecture notes and class assignments available to students via the Web. The students enchanted by this new offering from their lecturers responded positively and started seeking out the particular instructors or courses that featured online components.