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Friday, August 17, 2007

Latest web articles and report from Futurelab

Check out the latest interesting web articles and report: 'Extended learning', an account by Jim Fanning of how his school has been exploring the use of VLE, 'How personal is personalisation?' by Merlin John, which examines the implementation of e-portfolios in schools and finally 'An open approach to learning' Laura Dewis, OpenLearn’s Communications Manager, explained to Kim Thomas.
A new report on the MobiMissions prototype shares findings on the design and use of social, mobile, location-based applications to support learning.

Extended learning
By Jim Fanning
Jim Fanning from Tideway School reports on a project in his school which is investigating some of the issues surrounding the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) in the classroom.

How personal is personalisation?
By Merlin John
The focus on the technical elements of learning platforms may be eclipsing the transformational nature of e-portfolios, the heart of the learners’ experiences, writes Merlin John.

An open approach to learning
By Kim Thomas
Not content with making many of its course materials freely available on the web through its OpenLearn project, the Open University is throwing some collaborative learning tools into the mix. Laura Dewis, OpenLearn’s Communications Manager, explained why to Kim Thomas.

Mobile, collaborative, location-based learning: a case study of the MobiMissions prototype
By Lyndsay Grant, Hans Daanen and Tim Rudd

MobiMissions is a new location-aware mobile phone game prototype
created in partnership between Futurelab and the Mixed Reality Lab (MRL) at the University of Nottingham.