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Thursday, May 09, 2013

EDUCAUSE Review Online -- New Content Alert

Just look at these articles and video in this EDUCAUSE Review, published on Monday, May 6, 2013.

Ethics, Big Data, and Analytics: A Model for Application

By James E. Willis, III, John P. Campbell, and Matthew D. Pistilli

The use of big data and analytics to predict student success ethical administrators relating to the nature of knowledge; in education, "to know" entails an obligation to on behalf of the student. The Potter Box frameworkcan help administrators address these questions and provide a framework for action.

Up and Away: Open Access in Portugal
By Claude H. Potts

Portugal stands out among nations that have embraced open access to scholarly communication because of its early adoption of institutional policies creation of network of repositories and effective system of governance. And, nonprofit international publishing initiatives play an important role in opening up entire runs of Portuguese academic journals. 

8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online 
This video list of insights comes from experts in the field of online teaching. Here is a collection of 8 lessons that might improve your online course!