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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Upcoming webinars Brandon Hall Group

Join Brandon Hall Group for their upcoming events

For detailed descriptions of their webinars visit their website here 
May 30
Beyond the Mobile Hype:
Making Learning Fit in a Mobile World
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Ara Ohanian, Infor/CERTPOINT Systems

Jun 6
Global Learning Trends: Unexpected Findings that Could Impact Your StrategiesStacey Harris, Brandon Hall Group
Jeremy Blain, Cegos

Jun 18
Imbedded Learning: How a Sales Portal Became a Competitive Advantage
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Bob Sullivan, PinPoint Global Communications
Barbara Brooks, Prudential
Karen Stockla, Prudential

Jun 20
The Business Benefits of Effective Teams
Rachel Ashkin, Brandon Hall Group
Claude Werder, Brandon Hall Group

Jun 25
Building a Workforce Strategy with Skills-Gap AnalyticsStacey Harris, Brandon Hall Group

Jun 27
Is the Unit of Learning Still a Lesson? Can the Lesson Survive Social and Mobile?
David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group
Ara Ohanian, Infor/CERTPOINT Systems

Learn from the best in their 30 minute forums featuring winners of the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Jun 17
Gamification to Facilitate Learning Beyond a Single CourseClaude Werder, Brandon Hall Group,
James McKim, Hewlett-Packard

Jul 8
Gnosis: InfoPro’s Collaborative Learning PlatformClaude Werder, Brandon Hall Group
SoniaWadhwa, InfoPro Learning, Inc.
Bárbara Büchel, Indigenus Network, LLS

Aug 8
Peer-to-Peer Coaching for an Individualized Leadership Program Rachel Cooke, Brandon Hall Group
Clare Norman, Accenture

Source: Brandon Hall Group