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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Engage all of your K-12 teachers in next year's back-to-school staff development

School Play, an award-winning documentary film, reveals the profound impact of knowing and nurturing students, both at school and at home. 

School Play: A Professional Development Package 72-minute DVD

"A funny, authentic, and often poignant documentary about a production of The Wizard of Oz in a suburban New York City elementary school, this video follows five fifth-graders from auditions through opening night", writes Stenhouse Publishers.

Watching School Play in the company of colleagues, educators are moved to remember that our mission is to educate the whole child for a lifetime of principled, productive participation in the world. The School Play package consists of the seventy-two-minute documentary plus four short video clips keyed to workshops outlined in the 44-page study guide, which provides ready-made materials for administrators and/or teacher-leaders to adopt or adapt as necessary. 

The study guide, written by assistant superintendent Annie Ward, is designed to engage heterogeneous groups of educators as well as to provide role-specific prompts for action-oriented follow-up, and includes agendas for full-day and half-day professional workshops; notes for an opening keynote address that frames the workshop; discussion questions for mixed groups; plans for four action-oriented, topic-specific workshops; and reproducible handouts, articles, and professional research. 

Source: EdWeek Update and Stenhouse Publishers

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