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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Article from The CITE Journal.

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Cleaning Up That Mess: A Framework for Classifying Educational Apps 
Todd Cherner, Judy Dix, and Corey Lee
Coastal Carolina University

As tablet technologies continue to evolve, the emergence of educational applications (apps) is impacting the work of teacher educators.  Beyond online lists of best apps for education and recommendations from colleagues, teacher educators have few resources available to support their teaching of how to select educational apps.  In response, this article puts forward a framework for choosing educational apps based on their purpose, content, and value.  The framework first classifies educational apps into four categories before delineating them into smaller subcategories.  A sample of apps that are representative to each category and subcategory are included.  This framework provides teacher educators with a much-needed resource to support their instruction of educational apps.
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Source:The CITE Journal