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Friday, July 18, 2014

How Minecraft can help with Common Core math

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"It seems Minecraft is everywhere these days, and now we're bringing you more tips to help you incorporate it in your math curriculum.", summarizes

One gaming strategy involves Minecraft, a sandbox game touted for its open-ended nature and ability to engage students through creative thinking and problem solving.
The gaming evolution has prompted one educator to create Mathcraft, a Common Core-focused math curriculum focused around Minecraft.

Photo: eSchool News

Jim Pike, a third grade teacher at Ascension Catholic School and director of education for, aligned mathematical equations to Minecraft structures to engage his students in mathematical processes as they created buildings and other structures in the game. Pike demonstrated his use of Minecraft during an edWeb webinar, and gave the audience step-by-step visual instructions.

Pike offered a handful of recommendations when it comes to using Minecraft with students:

  • Start with a whole-class exploration using a projector and a single-player flat world so that students can watch the instructor build a structure
  • Give students the equations to solve and ask them to complete their math work before they begin playing Minecraft. Once they complete the equations to discover how many building materials they’ll need, they will be able to “request” that amount in the game when they begin playing
  • Next, take students into a computer lab or use school-issued devices in class, and let students create their structures
  • Have students create a “sign” in front of their structure with the completed equation(s) and their names on each sign
  • Give students time to play in Minecraft, but make sure they’ve completed their equations, built their structures, and “signed” their work


Source: eSchool News