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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The launch of the Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World report

The launch of the Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World report, from the UK Digital Skills Task Force led by Maggie Philbin.

Maggie Philbin, Chair of the independent UK Digital Skills Taskforce said:
“Britain is in the midst of another industrial revolution and only by engendering the spirit that allowed us to thrive so well in the first will we succeed in the second. For this to happen we need our young people to see technology and related applied sciences as a future that they can help create. If you have the right skills, if you have the right network, if you have the right attitude, this is a time of opportunity. We have to make sure we equip everyone in the UK for the digital revolution. Not just a fortunate few.”
Digital Sklls for Tomorrow’s World puts forward recommendations for government but  also for what students, parents, schools, communities and businesses can do immediately to make sure people of all ages benefit from the opportunities offered by the acquisition of digital skills. Business, education and government really do need to work together right now  to make a difference. We don’t need to wait until the 2015 election to start acting on some of the great ideas and thinking which has been shared with us.

The independent report of the UK Digital Skills Task Force Beta Edition July 2014.

Download the independent report
For the past seven months, the UK Digital Skills Taskforce has engaged with hundreds of organisations to look at what needs to be done to nurture home-grown talent to meet the needs of Britain’s modern economy.
The result is Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World

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Source: UK Digital Skills Taskforce and UK Digital Skills Task Force Channel (YouTube).