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Sunday, December 20, 2015

10 Good Habits for Students: How Top Students Learn by Linda Craig

My guest blogger today is Linda Craig. Please be sure to check out her unique guest post. Guest posts are always welcome, please contact me.

10 Good Habits for Students: How Top Students Learn 

Top students commit a lot of time and effort into their studies, but that is not where it ends, they also make a lot of sacrifices. Sadly, you are going to have to do the same if you want to be a high achiever and become a top student. Soon colleges and universities will become extinct once the Genisys/Skynet* hybrid comes online that I am building, but until that time you need to make sacrifices in order to become a top student. Are you ready to give a little more than the next student?

* Stop complaining that the Genisys movie didn’t explain its four plot holes, they are covered in the next two movies. It is a time travel movie, so cut it a little slack, nobody made this much fuss when Marty Fly created the Clint Eastwood canyon.

1. Reward Yourself For Going To Bed At 10:30pm

You need to get into the habit of going to bed at 10:30pm. All top students go to bed at the same time every night and it is usually before the pubs close. There are examples of famous people that only get four hours of sleep per night, but they are the exception and not the rule. Find a way of rewarding yourself for it and it becomes a little easier.

2. Spend One Day Per Week Only Eating Fruits And Vegetables

You need to keep shocking your system with a day full of fruit and vegetables. For at least one day, you need to stay away from processed food and meat. It does a great deal for your health, and poor health will dull your senses and make you slow.

3. Get Every Assignment Done At Least Three Days Before The Deadline

Top performers are always handing work in early. Part of the reason is because they are very organized; part of the reason is because it removes the pressure that would otherwise affect their performance. The final reason is that professors like it when work is handed in early, and some will become biased towards you and may even grade you higher for making his or her life easier. This point is mute if you get your essays done early by essay writing services 

4. Associate With The High Achievers In Your Classes

We become like the people we associate with, so associate with the high achievers, even if it means you are the dumbest of the group it doesn’t matter--you can be the one that gets them laid or gets them beer.

5. Do Ten To Fifteen Minutes Of Exercise Every Single Day

Ten minutes will fly by and you will hardly notice, yet in return for this small investment you will become far stronger and far healthier than you thought was possible with such a small effort.

6. Start Your Essay The Very Same Day You Receive It

You need to start them right away. You do not have to finish them the same day, you simply need to start writing your notes and you must start at least some of the essays itself such as the introduction. In your mind, your essay will become an unfinished task and not a to-do task, which will increase its prominence within your mind and compel you to complete your essay quicker.

Top performing students know how to manage their time. Invest a little bit of your spare time into learning how to manage your time like a professional so you get the most out of your studies without burning out. Try an alarm clock such as

8. Write Your Notes Out As Soon As You Get Back To Your Dorm

This is a burningly important tip. The notes you wrote in your lessons/lectures are not good enough. You need to fill them out and keep them somewhere safe on your computer. Only by doing this will you get the most out of your lessons/lectures.

9. Make Money By Writing For Other Students In Your Spare Time

This is a clever and fun way of practicing writing essays without wasting your time. You write them for other people and make money on the side. You get extra money and essay-writing practice, and other desperate students get a passable essay at a low cost. Try

10. Top Performing Students Will Always Read Ahead

When you first hear the material from your professor, it takes a little time for it to go in and be processed. You understand it, but you are not committing it to memory as well as you may have hoped. If you read ahead first, then the professor is simply confirming what you know, and that is what will help you get a ahead and stay ahead.

About the Author:
Photo: Linda Craig
Linda Craig is freelance blogger, writer and editor for essay service Assignmentmasters.
Learn more about her by visiting @LindaUKmasters on Twitter.

Many thanks to Linda Craig.
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