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Monday, December 14, 2015

eBook: Creative Best Practices for Native Ads

"Native advertising has become the ad industry’s darling because of its ability to complement any context. Our new eBook gives you key insights for native advertising success." inform Yahoo Adversiting. 
Photo: Yahoo Adversiting

"In digital advertising, ad formats have always fallen into a few buckets - paid search, display/banner ads, video, etc... However, with the advent of a more cross-channel, cross-device world, it’s only fitting that advertising has become more amorphous.  Enter native into the mix as the advertising industry’s breakout star this year." writes Yahoo!

We have used the insights collected in this study to determine creative best practices for this critical new advertising format.

We held an in-lab survey of 800+ internet/smartphone content consumers and used eye-tracking to determine fixations -- momentary pauses of the eye within an area of interest happening long enough for cognitive processing to take place.

As a result of this research, we uncovered a number of creative best practices for native ads. Here are four of them:
  1. Use people images: An image of a person versus an object delivers deeper engagement
  2. Let your logo shine: Larger logos deliver greater recall and longer fixation.
  3. Keep video ads short: A :15 native video ad hits the recall and purchase intent sweet spot
  4. Boast your brand: Brand mentions are important to include in your headline
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Source: Yahoo Adversiting