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Sunday, December 27, 2015

One more learning centre for teachers

Photo: Rishikesh Bahadur Desai,
"Buoyed by the success of the Teachers Learning Centre in Hallikhed-Bujurg village, the Azim Premji Foundation will set up a second such centre in Chitaguppa village in Bidar district." inform Rishikesh Bahadur Desai, Principal Correspondent, The Hindu.

A local committee, comprising eminent citizens, members of educational institutions and other civil society groups, has been formed. The centre will come up inside the premises of the government school in the town in a few months.

The centre in Hallikhed-Bujurg has successfully conducted over 100 training sessions for teachers in a year. 
While headmasters have been trained in leadership qualities, subject teachers have been trained in languages, science and mathematics and humanities.

The foundation has identified resource persons across the State for each subject. They regularly visit the centre and speak of recent advances in the subjects. They also train teachers in efficient teaching methods. 
While some give lectures, others show video clips or use multi-media tools.

These classes are usually held on week-ends.

“The most important achievement of the centre, however, is in creating a platform for exchanging ideas,” says Uday Kumar, coordinator of the centre. Teachers gather at the centre after school hours, read magazines, surf the Internet and share their class room experiences. This happens every day.

“While other professionals like doctors, engineer or lawyers form associations and routinely meet, teachers have been deprived of this for long. We are very happy to get one where we meet and discuss,” Rajkumar Arya, a member of the mathematics group, said.

The foundation’s activities in Hyderabad Karnataka have improved the quality of teaching in government schools, cemented the fraternity among teachers and made the teaching-learning process more attractive for students, says Umashankar Pairodi, programme coordinator for the region.

Source:  The Hindu