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Sunday, January 17, 2016

eGuide: Personalizing Professional Development for K12 Educators

Here's five Strategies and a Checklist to Get Started.
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We know a thing or two about what helps educators get their jobs done — and done right. 

After countless conversations with school administrators, we've pinpointed five practical strategies for implementing a personalized learning system for educators along with a checklist of criteria administrators should look for in a scalable professional development solution.

Download the eGuide to learn how to:
  • Connect administrative staff and teachers to accelerate progress toward goals.
  • Identify "must have" attributes of a technology PD solution.
  • Transform your PD approach to one that is meaningful to each teacher and effective for your school or district.
  • Empower teachers, putting them in the driver's seat, to set and reach shared goals.
BloomBoard writes, "With new testing standards and expectations for student outcomes, a growing focus on teacher performance and evaluation, and new technologies, K12 educators are under more pressure than ever before. It’s vital that we shift the way we support teachers and empower them with information and inspiration for their own personal professional learning plan and the opportunity to connect with fellow educators who share their goals and interests." 
It’s clear that the one-size-fits-all, one-stop, traditional professional development model is failing, with many teachers who feel it is not adequately preparing them for the changing nature of their jobs. After all, the new educator learning how to effectively manage his or her classroom is facing significantly different challenges than the educator who’s been teaching for thirty years and might be struggling with adoption of new technology, so why should these two receive the same Professional Development?  
Get the free eGuide 

Source: BloomBoard