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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Transform yourself into an online teacher with one course

As an educator in today’s rapidly evolving technological world, it is imperative to stay current with the possibilities of online education. This online course answers faculty questions while providing insight on how to become an exceptional online educator.

The ideas and content you teach don’t change when you move to an online classroom, but the way you teach definitely does.

With the growing number of faculty teaching exclusively online, or teaching hybrid courses in both traditional and virtual classrooms, technological literacy and online savvy are necessary for today’s educator.

Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty is a thorough yet efficient course that presents the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to teach online confidently and successfully regardless of your discipline, your institution, or your experience level.

After participating in Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty you will be able to:
  • Design an online course that is just as rigorous and prepares students as well as your face-to-face courses do
  • Design online assessments using respected assessment guides, including the Understanding by Design framework and the Quality Matters online learning guidelines
  • Create original online learning material, including text, voice, voice-over PowerPoint presentations, and social networking content
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of online education and also distinguish it from face-to-face learning
  • Reformulate course content for an online learning environment
  • Teach an online course using the latest teaching technologies, such as learning management systems, wikis, shared document development tools, and online research tools.
  • Critique an online course to determine whether the content, assessment, and teaching philosophy meet the highest standards of online education
Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty is professional development you pursue when and where it works for you—all without the hassle and expense of traveling off campus.
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Source: Magna Publications

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