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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Mind Control & the Internet

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World Wide Mind by Michael Chorost
See my author video, closed captioned in EnglishGerman, and Italian.

Read Chapter 1 here (courtesy SEED Magazine) and Chapter 4 here (courtesy New York Times.)

Michael Chorost explores the WORLD WIDE MIND

What if digital communication felt as real as being touched? 
Amazon writes, "This question led Michael Chorost to explore profound new ideas triggered by lab research around the world, and the result is the book you now hold. Marvelous and momentous, World Wide Mind takes mind-to-mind communication out of the realm of science fiction and reveals how we are on the verge of a radical new understanding of human interaction."

Chorost himself has computers in his head that enable him to hear: two cochlear implants. Drawing on that experience, he proposes that our Paleolithic bodies and our Pentium chips could be physically merged, and he explores the technologies that could do it.

He visits engineers building wearable computers that allow people to be online every waking moment, and scientists working on implanted chips that would let paralysis victims communicate. Entirely new neural interfaces are being developed that let computers read and alter neural activity in unprecedented detail.
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Source: Michael Chorost's website and Simon & Schuster Books Channel (YouTube)