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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning by Dr. Gladis Kersaint

Creating successful classroom environments where every student participates in rigorous discussions.

Download the white paper (PDF)

The importance of engaging students in meaningful mathematical discussion has long been identified as an essential component of students' mathematics learning. In this whitepaper, Dr. Gladis Kersaint outlines strategies that all educators can use to support mathematical discourse in their classrooms, including:

• Classroom environments that support mathematical dialogue
• Tools to plan and lead mathematical discourse
• Different approaches for communicating mathematical knowledge
• 100 questions that teachers can use to promote mathematical discourse

In this whitepaper from Curriculum Associates, Gladis Kersaint, Ph.D. writes in the conclusion "Facilitating student engagement in mathematical discourse begins with the decisions teachers make when they plan classroom instruction. The tasks they use, the ways in which they organize the classroom, and the behaviors they model communicate expectations for classroom norms, including the ways students are expected to engage in classroom discussions."

During class, teachers facilitate productive mathematics discussion by asking key questions to direct or redirect the nature of the conversation. By doing this, teachers motivate and encourage students and can strategically intervene to maximize student learning and mathematics language development. 

Download the white paper (PDF)

About the Author: Gladis Kersaint, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics Education, University of South Florida

Photo: Gladis Kersaint

Gladis is a respected scholar of mathematics education. She is known for her research on mathematics education, middle-grades mathematics teaching and learning, and the
preparation of teachers of mathematics. She has authored numerous publications on topics such as teacher education, the effective teaching of at-risk students, and the use of technology in teaching and learning.

She has served as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and on the editorial panel of Mathematics Teacher Educator. Gladis has also been working as an author with Curriculum Associates, where she has helped our editorial team revise the Ready Mathematics program for 2016.

Her work is driven by the belief that all students deserve equitable access to mathematics so that they can fully benefit from the options offered by education. 

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Gladis Kersaint Named Dean of the Neag School of Education. 

Source: Curriculum Associates