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Friday, January 05, 2018

Dive into Deep Learning and AI with this Introductory Training | XDA Developers

"Today’s devices are relying more and more on deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). From robotic medical innovations to self-driving cars, practically every sector in tech is looking toward AI to solve complex problems and innovate life-changing new products" inform XDA Commerce Team.

Photo: XDA Developers

That’s why companies across a wide spectrum of industries are scrambling to hire people who are able to work confidently and efficiently with deep learning and AI methods. The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle will give you an unparalleled foundational knowledge in these exciting new technologies for just $39—over 90% off its usual price and only a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for a similar education in a more traditional setting.

Plus, to help you ring in the new year with a new set of skills, you can save an extra 18% off the sale price when you enter the coupon code NEWYEAR18 at checkout.  

With four courses and over 100 lessons, this in-depth bundle walks you through everything from the most fundamental principles of deep learning and AI to the more complex and innovative approaches that are changing the ways companies build products.

You’ll learn how probability theory makes it possible to form incredibly accurate predictions, how linear regression acts as a key tenant of deep learning principles, how to utilize logistic regression (one of the most fundamental techniques used in machine learning) in Python, how to build the artificial neural networks that fuel Google’s search functions, and much more.

Break into the future of data science, deep learning, and AI without spending a fortune on a traditional computer science education with The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle. It’s on sale for just $39, and when you enter the coupon code NEWYEAR18 at checkout you’ll get an additional 18% off.  

Source: XDA Developers (blog)