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Friday, January 12, 2018

Four Tools That Take Blended Learning to the Next Level by Alec Sears | eSchool News

Here are the characteristics of effective blended-learning tools. 

Photo: eSchool News

In any rush of new technology there comes fresh opportunities for learning and growth that were never possible before. We’ve seen this in the past two decades with blended learning, which combines digital media with traditional classroom methods to engage students like never before.

In all of the excitement to use technology, however, the real purpose of blended learning is often lost. Collaborating on a Google Doc is fun and convenient, but blended learning should be more than that.

Effective blended-learning tools should share a few key characteristics that distinguish them from tools that are simply digital in nature. Before implementing a tool, ask yourself these three questions:

1. How does this tool help students learn in personalized ways that are not possible in a traditional classroom alone?
2. How does this tool empower students to take their education into their own hands?
3. How does this tool tap into the collective knowledge of the global community?

For those who are seeking new ways to use technology in the classroom, here are four tools that take blended learning to the next level.
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Source: eSchool News