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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Scouts preventing bad spills and learning life skills | The Recorder - Opinion / Editorials

"Hauling buckets of sand, it turns out, can be a charitable act and an important lesson in life skills that we all could stand to learn" continues The Recorder.  

Photo: The Recorder

Troop 9 Boy Scouts 12-year-old Joseph Kirley and 11-year-old Otis Waggenbeek proved the point recently as they carried pails of sand to elderly Northfield residents who appreciated the help treating icy driveways and walkways this winter.

Northfield Council on Aging Director Heather Tower worked with the Scouts to deliver sand to about 30 households in December.

Tower considers the arrangement a win-win: the Boy Scouts engage with residents and perform community service, while the seniors feel comfortable knowing their driveways and walkways will be safe for not only themselves, but their visitors.

“It teaches us to be helpful and generous,” explained Joseph, adding, “It helps a lot of senior citizens.”

Joseph’s mother, Tracey, said when her son first got involved in the Boy Scouts, she thought it would be an outing club for boys, but discovered Troop 9 offered much more.

“I didn’t realize it taught these life skills, like how to be a good citizen ...,” she said. “We’re hooked. We love it.”.

Source: The Recorder