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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Science of Learning symposium brings together experts from diverse fields | The Hub at Johns Hopkins - Science+Technology

The Science of Learning symposium will take place on Monday, Jan. 22, from 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m. at Hodson Hall on JHU's Homewood campus. The event will also be broadcast live on the Johns Hopkins UStream Channel.

"For its symposium next week, the Science of Learning Institute has borrowed the famous tagline chanted at passengers of the London Underground—"Mind the Gap."" inform Katie Pearce, Writer & Editor at Johns Hopkins University.

In this case, "the gap" refers to the gulfs that exist between different disciplines, research methods, and even individual viewpoints when it comes to understanding the fundamental science of learning.

Of course, the Johns Hopkins institute was launched five years ago this month to tackle this very challenge.

"Our key goal has been to bridge this gap by creating opportunities for innovative collaboration in science and practice," said Barbara Landau, who directs the cross-disciplinary effort. "We consider this essential for achieving a truly comprehensive, integrative understanding of learning."

The diverse range of experts who will take part in the institute's third biennial symposium Monday reflects this ongoing mission. The event brings together experts in cognitive science, neuroscience, education, and other fields to explore different perspectives on the cognitive and neural bases for learning and motivation.

One visitor from outside Hopkins is psychologist Daniel Simons of the University of Illinois, whose famous "Invisible Gorilla" study helped reveal just how much the human brain can miss when focused elsewhere...

selective attention test 

The institute, one of the most comprehensive of its kind, was forged with the goal of understanding learning from all levels of scientific inquiry, including brain and cognitive development, neurological and psychiatric diseases, and the effects of aging. Among its efforts since, the institute has funded a total of 33 collaborative grants on target research areas including memory and attention, language, and spatial cognition.​

Source: The Hub at Johns Hopkins and Daniel Simons Channel (YouTube)