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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Learning to Embrace Intelligent Machines in the New World of Work | Technology and IIoT - IndustryWeek

Photo: Randy Swearer
"Here are five actionable steps to help manufacturers face the smart machine uprising with arms wide open" says Dr. Randy Swearer, Vice President of Education Experiences.

Photo: Getty Images

While the impacts of machine intelligence (A.I. and machine learning) have been hotly debated, and even provoke anxiety in some, this group of technologies continues to accelerate at a remarkable pace. In fact, according to IDC, global spending on A.I. solutions will continue to see significant corporate investment, achieving revenues of more than $46 billion by 2020. Although machine intelligence offers enormous opportunities for businesses, many struggle to find ways to tap into the technology due to lack of knowledge, limited access to required skill sets, insufficient data, and––to be frank––confusion about where to even begin.

In order to better understand how to both learn with intelligent machines and prepare the next generation to work alongside them, I recently met with top leaders––from Harvard University, Nike Innovation Kitchen, BMW Group, and more––at Autodesk’s Ideas Driving Change summit in San Francisco. The key takeaway was clear: the new relationship between humans and machines is already having far-reaching effects on our societies and economies––and these effects will only become more pervasive as time goes on. We concluded that there has to be a shift from thinking of tools as “things,” to thinking of them as collaborators: active participants in creation—co-creative agents. We are entering an era of tools that teach—and learn. In order to help industry and academia respond to this shift, we identified five ways to better prepare individuals to thrive in the age of intelligent machines.
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Source: IndustryWeek