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Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Do These Business School Deans Really Think About The Online MBA? | MBA Distance Learning - BusinessBecause

Photo: Marco De Novellis
Marco De Novellis, Journalist & Editor at BusinessBecause inform, "Online MBA programs have traditionally been seen as secondary to campus-based courses. But now more and more UK business schools are investing in online."

John Colley is associate dean for the MBA at Warwick Business School, top-ranked for its online MBA.
Photo: BusinessBecause

Go to a business school conference 20 years ago, and everybody would be talking about online learning. Go to a business school conference today, and people are still banging on about it.

While online learning hasn’t quite become the all-conquering disruptor that commentators once predicted, real developments have been made.

Today’s business schools have woken up to the importance of flexible, affordable alternatives to classroom-based study. In the workplace, everything is online. So why shouldn’t business education be too?

Still, every business school is different. Some schools offer 100%-online MBA programs; some offer online MBA programs with residential components; some schools don’t offer online MBA programs at all.

BusinessBecause caught up with business school deans and MBA directors across the UK—one of the more developed markets for distance-learning—and asked them one simple question: what do you really think about the online MBA? 

Source: BusinessBecause

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