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Friday, April 26, 2019

What Is Your Favorite Musical Instrument? | The Learning Network - The New York Times

Twelve artists select music to inspire you to love the piano, summarizes Jeremy Engle, The New York Times.

Photo: Angie Wang
Do you have a favorite musical instrument — one that you play or just enjoy listening to? What kinds of instruments are you most drawn to: wind, strings, brass, percussion or electronic?

To help you with your decision, you can find an illustrated list of musical instruments here.

Take a moment to think of your favorite instrument and hold all you love about its sound in your mind. Now imagine trying to convince someone else — someone who hasn’t yet appreciated its beauty, power and quality — of its value. What song would you select so that they could understand what draws you most and why you are moved by this instrument’s unique power?

In “5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Piano,” The New York Times asked 12 artists, critics and artistic directors to tell us about music that matters to them. Each selected one song with the goal of persuading “curious friends to love the piano, the most powerful and protean of instruments.”..

Does your school have music classes or programs? Have you ever been involved in one? In your opinion, is music a valuable part of the educational experience? Do you think students should be required to take a music class at some point?