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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Women With Master’s Degrees Paid Less Than Men Without Them | Life - UNILAD

According to official data on graduate earnings, women who have a postgraduate degree still earn less than men who only have bachelor’s degrees. 

Photo: Pexels
The figures came from the Department for Education’s graduate labour market statistics. They revealed that women who have postgraduate degrees, such as a master’s or a doctorate, earn a median pay of £37,000 a year, while men with firsts from bachelor degrees earned an average of £38,500. Men holding postgraduate degrees were paid an average of £43,000.

The data also revealed the ‘graduate premium’ – the increase in wages for graduates compared to non-graduates – continues to be significant, with graduates earning around £10,000 more on average than non-graduates.

Since 2008, non-graduates’ wages have been rising faster than those of graduates. Despite this, graduates of all ages earn a median salary of £34,000, while non-graduates earned £24,000. People with postgraduate degrees did even better though, earning around £40,000, The Guardian reports.

According to reports, the figures do not reflect the continued struggle for younger graduates looking for employment since the global financial crisis 10 years ago. Though employment rates are increasing for both men and women, male graduates and the jobs they go into have benefited more from the recovery since the crisis.

Statisticians from the Department for Education said that, though the gender pay gap between non-graduates has remained stable, the median for male graduates has risen by £1,500 more than for women.

Source: UNILAD