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Thursday, August 22, 2019

3 Gen Z shopping trends: Digital natives want to ‘buy into better’ | E-commerce - Netimperative

There is a noticeable desire amongst the younger generation generation ‘to buy into better’ than their older counterparts, according to new research.

Photo: Netimperative
Shopper marketing agency Zeal Creative has launched the findings of its most recent research.

Entitled ‘Gen Z: Buying into Better’, the findings offer key insight into the next generation’s shopper behaviour, as well as advice for brands on how to best engage with this audience.

The research involved in-depth interviews, online qualitative and online quantitative questions amongst a total of 915 Gen Z shoppers. It explored what, how and why this generation, now in their late teens and early twenties, buy...

This generation is also much more switched on and pragmatic around value exchange too, with 61% happy to submit personal data in return for rewards and offers and nearly half (42%) saying they would submit more data if it meant greater rewards.

Key take-aways for brands
· How can your products fit the needs of shoppers seeking self-improvement?
· Can you shift from being a product to being more life-style led?
· How can shopper marketing empower Gen Z with a sense of purpose?
· Can you better bring purposeful stories to life within shopper environments?
· Are you adequately rewarding Gen Z shoppers for sharing data?
· Are you employing promotional marketing to keep Gen Z shoppers interested and engaged?

Commenting on the research, Callum Saunders, Head of Planning at ZEAL Creative says: “Our research gives some fascinating insight for brands looking to reach Gen Z shoppers. 

These informed shoppers are actively seeking hacks to become the best version of themselves and buying into progressive, wellness focused products.

Source: Netimperative