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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Creating Successful E-Learning: A Rapid System for Getting It Right First Time, Every Time

The ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation) process remains the dominant instructional model. Yet, it is not the optimal process for the design of e-learning. It neither takes advantage of the technology underlying e-learning nor produces the kind of creative and effective learning experiences we need. What is the alternative? Rapid Prototyping: the method now employed by most experienced designers. In this book, one of six in Michael Allen's Online Learning Library, Allen shows how rapid prototyping methodology--using successive cycles of analysis/evaluation, design, and development--can bring tremendous cost, efficiency and creative benefits to e-learning.

Michael W. Allen pioneered multimedia learning technologies, interactive instructional paradigms, and rapid-prototyping processes, bringing each forward into leading corporate enterprises. He is the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions Inc. that builds universally acclaimed custom e-learning, provides strategic learning consulting, and trains e-learning professionals in collaboration with ASTD.