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Sunday, December 03, 2006

eLearning Papers publication launched

A new online publication on e-learning from
In this first edition, you will find a number of articles, each providing an individual outlook on e-learning in Europe:

• Ian Roffe talks about new e-language tools for lesser-used European languages;

• Researchers of the “mGBL – mobile game-based learning” project write about how the project has carried out research into the use of mobile devices among young adults with different levels of education and culture;

• Sharon Monti, Félix San Vicente and Vanio Preti discuss language learning and teaching experience in the context of e-learning.

• Jean Johnson and Jonny Dyer point out how user-generated content plays an important role in defining new pedagogical approaches to learning.
And finally,

• Tapio Varis outlines a need for common European virtual education across national borders.