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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines

Below are some excellent book, I thought you may find be very helpful.

Today's college and university students routinely use interactive technology that didn't exist a generation ago. Consequently, they expect all their learning experiences to be both relevant and engaging. How can colleges and universities meet the expectations of these tech-savvy students?

Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines
Published on: 2007-11-15


This groundbreaking book offers a down to earth resource for the practical application of blended learning in higher education as well as a comprehensive examination of the topic. Well grounded in research, "Blended Learning in Higher Education" clearly demonstrates how the blended learning approach embraces the traditional values of face to face teaching and integrates the best practices of online learning. This approach has proven to both enhance and expand the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning in higher education across disciplines.
In this much needed book, authors D. Randy Garrison and Norman D. Vaughan present the foundational research, theoretical framework, scenarios, principles, and practical guidelines for the redesign and transformation of the higher education curriculum. "Blended Learning in Higher Education" outlines seven blended learning redesign principles. It explains the professional development issues essential to the implementation of blended learning designs. It presents six illustrative scenarios of blended learning design. It contains practical guidelines to blended learning redesign. It describes techniques and tools for engaging students.
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