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Monday, November 26, 2007

Campus Technology News

Continuing Education Sites Lacking, Researchers Say by David Nagel
Continuing and professional education (CPE) sites are somewhat effective at helping students with their enrollment decisions, but they're lacking in some key functionality areas: content, search capabilities, and multimedia...
According to the report, in which more than 500 prospective students were surveyed on their experiences with higher ed sites, colleges' and universities' CPE sites are strong on aesthetics and marketing but lack depth. Of those surveyed, 94 percent said that information on the costs of education is important, but only 59 percent said the information was conveyed adequately on actual sites. Only 56 percent said that the multimedia content on the sites was "interesting and relevant." And only 63 percent found the sites' search functionality to be useful.

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Podcasting on a Shoestring by Linda L Briggs
A feisty online program director on a rock-bottom budget at a Los Angeles college is using free cast-off computers and help from an open source software startup to create podcasts of classroom lectures...
Linda Delzeit-McIntyre, an instructor at LATTC and its online program director, decided in 2006 to launch a pilot podcasting program. Listening, she explained, is clearly a primary skill for many LATTC students. "We're in the inner city," she said. "Many of our students speak one or more languages, but they don't read or write well in any of them. That means they have learned by listening." She said she often saw students coming to class with handheld tape recorders, which disrupted class or would run out of tape or batteries.
Also, LATTC students, many of whom are pressed for time because they have family and work obligations along with school, commonly spend time sitting in traffic or on the bus during the commute to and from school--excellent time for using an MP3 device.

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